Jack Hieb and Zach Peterson Successfully Defend Bad Faith Claim

Posted on December 11, 2013

The team of Jack Hieb, Zach Peterson and Kristen Dinger, ACP were recently involved in the successful defense of a contentious bad faith claim in Rapid City, SD.  The plaintiff alleged that Sedgwick, acting as a third party administrator and Nash Finch, as the employer, had engaged in a scheme to improperly incentivize the Claims Examiners at Sedgwick to wrongfully deny claims by setting goals associated with reducing the costs associated with processing claims.  The plaintiff asked for a minimum of $40 million dollars to punish and deter what her expert, Gary Fye, claimed was a minimum of 5 years worth of unfair practices on a nationwide basis.  Both Nash Finch and Sedgwick consistently and adamantly denied any wrongdoing.  The eleven person jury agreed with the defense team and issued a unanimous verdict determining that neither company acted in bad faith. 

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