South Dakota Real Estate Attorneys

Most property transactions are consummated without any problems. But when things go wrong, they can really go wrong. Consulting a real estate attorney on the front end can prevent many conflicts, and early legal intervention in disputes can help protect your investment and limit the expense, time and headaches.  The most important document in a real estate transaction is the purchase contract. The purchase contract should be drafted by an attorney that has experience in real estate law.

Aberdeen Real Estate Attorneys

The law office of Richardson, Wyly, Wise, Sauck & Hieb, LLP provides comprehensive counsel and representation for residential and commercial property transactions, land use and litigation. Serving South Dakota, we protect the interests of owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers and lenders.

Our attorneys will educate you on your rights and options so you can take appropriate steps to investigate your proposed transaction, such as when a property is sold “as is”, or there is a question of ownership and adverse possession. Our attorneys will advise you on potentially troublesome real estate transactions, such as seller carrybacks, wrap-around contracts, or sales/leaseback transactions, and will draft a contract that limits your liability.

South Dakota Land Use Attorneys

Our firm handles:

  • Commercial real estate (transactions, leases and disputes)
  • Residential transactions (agreements, title, disclosures, closing)
  • Landlord-tenant law (leases, disputes, eviction)
  • Mortgage and foreclosure law (representing owners or banks)
  • Land use and zoning (approvals, variances, regulatory compliance)
  • Condemnation and adverse possession (eminent domain, easements)
  • Real estate litigation (property disputes, all matters listed above)
  • Homeowners association law (counsel to HOA boards)

Whether buying, selling, renting or developing property, the parties on each side have certain rights and obligations. A wrong move or overlooked detail can expose you to financial liability and legal action. We work closely with clients to review real estate contracts and financial terms to avoid legal trouble. We are aggressive in initiating action or defending against adverse claims and maneuvers.

At the Richardson Law Firm, you have direct access to a seasoned trial lawyer who understands South Dakota real estate law. Don’t let a disagreement become an expensive legal problem. Call our  office today at 605-225-6310 or contact us online. We offer a free initial consultation, and we return calls promptly.