South Dakota Indian Law Attorneys

Many Native American nations are governed by their own tribal codes and constitutions.  A determination that land is in Indian country will generally result in exclusive tribal or federal jurisdiction, and in certain cases when at least one party to a dispute is of Native American descent, Indian Law may apply.  When dealing with Indian Law matters, the services of an experienced Indian Law attorney are crucial.

Indian Law Attorneys

Jack H. Hieb and Zachary W. Peterson can provide you with the legal assistance you need to resolve your tribal law conflicts. Jack H. Hieb and Zachary W. Peterson provide nation-wide counseling, litigation and dispute resolution services to clients doing business in Indian country and governments addressing the challenge of jurisdictional uncertainties.

Indian Law – Land Transactions and Disputes

Doing business on or near Indian lands presents unique issues and challenges. Jack H. Hieb and Zachary W. Peterson help their clients structure transactions, negotiate effectively and craft agreements in Indian land transactions.

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